Female Half-Orc Ranger, Level 3

Sir Ravd's imperial dragon egg stirs at my touch.

+2 Orc Lord

+1 Great Gold Wyrm

+5 daughter of the orc shaman Iskar of Clan Flamekeeper (orc priestly tribe), now Lady Maysenara Ravd’s head housekeeper

+5 daughter of Baron Abulyrd’s nephew, Bloody Marden, the rapist/oppressor and 12th of 13 on my kill list*

Initiative +7

AC 22

PD 17 HP 50/50 MD 13

Recoveries 6/8 +3d8+3 (16)

Greataxe of Mauling

+8 vs AC—3d10+5 (21)

Quirk: Yells battle cries during battle.

x Gold-winged Bow

+8 vs AC—3d8+5 (18)

Quirk: Burns enemies’ remains whenever possible.

Ability Scores

Powers & Talents

Further Backgrounding


921.1 Gold

steward of baby Khagni (2yo), daughter of Imershi and Bloody Marden

Character & Campaign Notes



Source: @kiana_hamm

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