Session Zero: 2-6pm Sunday, ???—This pre-campaign session will be devoted to getting to know each other, clarifying what to expect during the campaign, completing character creation, and reviewing safety tools. If we have time, we’ll actually begin.

Campaign Premise

The last paladin of the Golden Order is dead. His House, not just defeated but also stripped of its imperial charter. And the Great Gold Wyrm has dreamed its last subversive dream. Triumph belongs to the corrupt Emperor and his Bronze Templars and to the Crusader’s most zealous believer, Baron Abulyrd.

But you are heroes. Dreamers. Freedom fighters. Saboteurs. Water protectors. Zealots. Revolutionaries. And you’re just getting started wrecking the Emperor’s shit.

7 Truths of this Campaign

Character Options and House Rules

Characters will start at level 3, with 250gp and the ability stat array: 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10.

I'm signed up to receive the 2nd edition playtest materials. The first batch should be out in October. I'll make any character material available to you, and I'll be using the general playtest material.

Patrons and Factions

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