Female Halfling Rogue, level 3

The Murk seeks me.

+3 Archmage

+3 murdered, then impersonated the Stumble Duck's serving wench to assassinate Baron Abulyrd's beloved nephew, Hamish, with ale-murky, a poison of my own making

+4 when serving as spymaster for Undermage Lady Vorian Sharpspell's murkship, The Sparrow, seduced Navigator Xiblis Ginjo to learn arcane murk theory

+3 fixer and purveyor of dragongems and other necessities for ‣ of the Fulgurite Spire, outside Sikara; I'm paid in dragongem abjuration baths to keep from being totally subsumed by Murk

Initiative +7

Shadow Blade Dagger

+8 vs AC—3d8 + 4 (17)


+7 vs AC—3d6 + 4 (14)

HP 45/45

Recoveries 8/8 +3d8+3 (16)

AC 18 PD 18 MD 13

Small: +2 AC v opportunity attacks

Evasive (1/battle): force enemy to reroll its attack with a –2 penalty

Roll With It:* requires momentum—take half damage from melee attack vs AC & PD


Ability Scores

Original Array: 16 15 14 10 10 8

Features & Talents


Gain when I hit. Lose when I am hit.

Trap Sense

If a rogue’s skill check involving a trap is a natural even failure, the rogue can reroll the skill check once. If a trap’s attack roll against a rogue is a natural odd roll, the rogue can force the trap to reroll the attack once.


Use INT, not CHA. +2 knowledge background. +2 skill checks involving traps.

Shadow Murk Walk*

Move action before standard

At-will, unengaged, +3 vs highest MD, on miss can move

Shadow Blade (1/day)

Cut a shadowy doorway into a non-magical wall or other barrier of similar size (so no tunneling through mountains). The doorway lasts until the end of the battle or scene. (Loot Harder, 60)

Quirk: Dislikes light

Boots of Elvenkind

Gain a +4 bonus to skill checks to walk quietly.

Quirk: Develops a love of elegant elven poetry.

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